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The Brothers Bell
Red Bull Soapbox Derby

August 08 2010

Summer time is really only good for one thing – vacations. It’s way too fucking hot to do anything around the house so it’s just best to get the hell out of town for a couple weeks. While we may not be experts in much, we are experts in not working. In fact, we’ve perfected the art of vacationing. Some people take time off to lounge around the house or pack up the entire family to visit other family members. Not us. That shit is dumb and a waste of not working days.

He's back! Here is the exclusive new trailer for Bubba's Movie Moments Episode 3.

Posted by: J. Allen Bell on November 11 2008
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I know the site is screwed up.

For whatever reason, this site keeps having technical difficulties… despite the fact that it’s one of the more straight forward sites I’ve done.

At any rate, I’m working on it. And soon it will be better than ever.

Until the new stuff breaks too.

Fuckin’ technology.

Posted by: J. Allen Bell on November 11 2008
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Thanks everyone! This is exactly what I wanted…

Posted by: J. Allen Bell on November 11 2008
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So… people have been asking what I want for my birthday.

That’s easy. I want an Obama presidency.

So get me that.

Posted by: J. Allen Bell on October 10 2008
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I’m sitting here, stuck in the Charlotte airport, so I figured I’d do an update… since I haven’t done one in a while.

So… what’s new? Hmm… where to start?

I mentioned it last update but it’s worth repeating – Bubba’s Favorite Movie Moments: Episode 3 is online. Click here to watch it.

In other video news, we have only completed about half of the next episode of Sacrilecious. Why only half? Because…

We are participating in the Red Bull Soap Box Derby Race in Denver next weekend. How awesome is that? Pretty fuckin’ awesome. So that’s where most of our attention has been over the last couple months. Building a soap box car is kind of a pain in the ass. You’d think that shit would be easy but it aint.

We are (trying) to put together a web series documenting the whole soap box experience. The first episode has been done for a while and the second is coming along. Our actual priority is to finish the soap box car so we may not actually get around to finishing the episodes… but I hope too. Even if it’s done after the fact.

So yeah. That’s about it. I’ll update more soon.

Posted by: J. Allen Bell on September 09 2008

So… we made it back from New York City although the Yankee game we went out there to see was postponed because of rain. Awesome. $250 worth of baseball tickets down the drain. Oh well… such is life.

Pictures from the trip are already up and a column will be coming shortly. It was a weird trip and after you read the column, you’ll probably agree.

In other news, the brand new episode of Bubba’s Favorite Movie Moments is up on both and So go check it out.